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Open the door to one of the best and fastest ways to grow your wealth with the REAL ESTATE ACCELERATOR program.

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Learn Successful Strategies

In this one-time-only course, I'll demystify the complicated world of real estate investing to help you identify moneymaking opportunities and create profitable new income sources.

Go Further Faster

Over nine weeks, you'll be in the (virtual) room with a small, focused group to discover valuable methods and profitable practices for earning more faster through real estate investing.

I'll help guide you to success with clear instruction, direct takeaways, and honest answers to your questions.

Profit From My Experience

My Real Estate Accelerator program is designed for all experience levels  from the novice to the seasoned investor. 

Everyone can reap the rewards of my experience and proven success in growing my wealth through valuable real estate investments.

I'll lead you through all the essential topics — from market measuring to network building and money mindsets. We'll dive deep to maximize your takeaways and boost your earning potential.


client stories

“Coaching with Mike has been so impactful for me. Mike has a way of taking things that people make complicated and simplifying it. Mike is very encouraging wherever you are on your journey. He is especially good at building. His family is a priority to him and I love that. Thank-you Mike for your energy and willingness to lean into people. You are a true star.”

Andrew Newswanger

"Mike is an amazing friend and mentor! Since being coached by Mike, my business has more than doubled, and more important, my free time has increased, and my relationship with my wife and kids has drastically improved as well."

Jordy Clark
"Over our 1-year tenure coaching with Mike, not only did me and my wife successfully take over the operations and management of two affordable home communities, but we acquired a third community, and even obtained our retailer’s license to buy and sell affordable homes in the state we operate in. By far, Mike’s coaching has been one of the best investments we have ever made in ourselves."
Alex Cortez

Let's Do This Together

Let's chart a path, together, to your success in real estate investing.

The special $1997 enrollment price gets you in the (virtual) room with an accomplished coach and an enthusiastic group who all share a common goal: Financial freedom through real estate investments.

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Mike Ayala

Mike is an investor, speaker, podcaster and founder of Investing for Freedom.

Mike helps busy professionals and business owners find true freedom to live their best life.  He’s also co-founder of Four Peaks Capital Partners, LLC. His scope includes operations, management teams, development, and chief people officer. He also co-directs the overall investment strategy along with Andrew Lanoie.

Mike has more than 22 years of experience in finding freedom by building teams and streamlining operations. By age 24, Mike founded his first construction company and has been involved with over 2,000 projects totaling over $1 billion, including hospitals, courthouses, federal buildings, casinos, mills, gold-processing facilities, civil projects, multi-family homes, and shopping centers. Of the companies he started, most notable is the construction company that scaled quickly to more than 100 employees and sold at a $12 million valuation, making it onto the Inc. 2009 “2500 Fastest Growing Companies in America” list.



A peek inside the program...

Week 1: Setting Goals

I’ll start by asking a simple question: what do you want, and what are you going to do to make it happen? I’ll coach you on how to identify your goals so that you have more time freedom and passive income streams.

Week 2: Various ways to start investing in real estate

I’ll review the wisest and best options for getting started. The deal of the decade comes along every week, you just have to be looking for it.

Week 3: Leverage vs Cash

The preface to this conversation will be talking about your balance sheet. Then we’ll dive into strategies and financing avenues.

Week 4: Taxes & Depreciation

In this section I’ll cover depreciation and how to strategically approach your taxes so that April isn't the worst month of the year.

Week 5: Your Team

To succeed in real estate you’ll need to surround yourself with smart people. In this meeting I’ll identify the key players that you need to surround yourself with.

Week 6: Let’s Go Find A Deal!

Where to look, when to make an offer, and how to close!

Week 7: Property Management vs Asset Management

In this module I’ll teach you industry best practices, and how to pump value into a recently acquired asset.

Week 8: Exit Strategies vs “Buy & Hold”

There are two primary approaches to investing in real estate, and I’ll explain the pros and cons of each.

Week 9: Partnerships

This topic could be the bedrock of a long and successful investing journey for you. I’ll review how to establish lasting relationships that are meaningful and mutually valuable.

NOTE: Dates for each session are TBD at this time.

*Once confirmed dates will be subject to change*
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